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These days, there are a lot of awesome custom motorcycle parts readily available on the market. But there are times when you know just what you want and what’s out there just doesn’t align with your vision.

Sometimes, even the best aftermarket motorcycle parts just aren’t quite what you had in mind. It’s just not something that is made. Still, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be. For some people, that means it can’t be done. For others, it’s a challenge to make it happen. To bring someone’s vision to reality, even if it’s never been done before and there’s nothing else like it on the market.

When it comes to custom motorcycle parts fabrication, you can change nearly everything in some way or another. That includes:

• Brake pedals
• Exhaust system hardware
• Fenders
• Fuel tanks
• Handle bars
• Heat Shields
• Inner gear shift leaver
• Saddle bag mounting hardware
• Spotlight bracket
• Tail light bracket
• Tour Pak base plate
• Turn signal stand-off
• Windshield bracket assembly
• Windshield docking clamps


There are tons of reasons that can make you want to step beyond what is already available and have custom aftermarket parts tailored to your own design.  At one time, it was relatively rare, but it is becoming increasingly commonplace nowadays. After all, we love our motorcycles and we want them to look and perform in a very specific way.

This trend started relatively recently.  People have always wanted to be able to choose certain colors and features, but when it came to true custom motorcycle parts fabrication, it was mostly the people who were able to do it themselves who would.  Either they were the experienced fabricators or painters, or they knew someone who was.

Then the Chopper craze happened. Suddenly, customizing a machine became something that riders wanted to do – so they started doing it.  They’d alter their existing design with aftermarket motorcycle parts.

When the trend was still new, it was tough to find someone to make the changes for you – especially when the custom motorcycle parts needed to be fabricated, not just purchased and installed.  Over time, that started to change.  The demand for more people to fabricate parts created a new market of people who were willing to do the job.

The market today is very different and it gives you a lot of choice.  This means that you have the chance to find someone who will respect your vision and bring it to reality.  Or at least the closest version of it that physics will allow.

A custom motorcycle lets a rider head out on the perfect machine.  It’s no longer a matter of choosing a certain make or model.  Sure, that can play a huge role, but for many people, that’s just the jumping off point.  Now, designing, engineering, fabricating and painting can let you start with a motorcycle you like and turn it into something you love.

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