Stainless Steel F150 Truck Rack by Tritan Fabrications

Within the last few months Dave bought himself a new F150 truck because he needed a bit more power to tow his trailer full of toys(see Aftermarket motorcycle parts post).

Pickup Truck Rack on F150

Daves F150 at the Pottstown Diner

F150 Pickup Truck Rack closeup

Closeup of Daves Truck Rack


Dave has slowly been adding to his new F150. First he added a bed liner, then came the cap, now he has added a custom F150  truck rack to the mix which he made out of stainless steel.  The rear is designed to look like a rear spoiler.

Dave’s goal was to design and install a custom rack that would be attractive and eye catching as well as functional. This is a one of a kind pickup rack that is made out of stainless steel using tig welding.

Dave estimates the time involved with design, creation and installation was about 10 hours.

So if you are out in Boyertown, Pottstown or Quakertown and you see this white F150 with a cool looking custom rack, honk and say hello.


What do You Think of Daves Truck Rack?

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