Stainless Steel Fabrication Project

This stainless steel fabrication project was done for Leidy’s Meats in Souderton PA.

I do welding for Leidy’s pretty regularly. The other day, I they were looking to have a part to one of their machines replaced, but the machine is no longer manufactured. Leidy’s got a price for just a new shaft that was quite high, and there would be no telling when they would get the part. They asked me if I could fabricate one of the shafts. I gave them a price to design, fabricate, weld, and install the new stainless steel part, shaft and all. I will be installing the new stainless steel part tomorrow if all go well.

stainless steel fabrication Souderton PA

Design, Fabrication and Welding Time

Total time to design and fabricate the machine part was 1 day. The installation might add a bit of time to the total project time.
Stainless Steel was the material that was used for the fabrication.

Pottstown Pa Welding Job – Steel Stair Treads

This welding project was done last year at the New York Plaza in Pottstown PA. The welding job involved fabricating the treads for the steps which were rusted out, which I did in my shop, then transported them to the job site and installed.


Pottstown PA Welding Fabrication - Steel Steps

Total Time for the Pottstown Welding Job

First I had to remove the old steps, which involved a sledge hammer and a grinder. The old steel steps were so rusted, that many of them came out very easily with the just the sledge hammer. I also had to rope off the area, and make sure no one would come through the door and get injured.

After taking measurements, I went back to the shop and began the fabrication.

For the treads I used 3/16″ steel.  Once fabricated, I took the steel treads back to Pottstown and installed.

Total time for the job with fabrication, removal and installation: 2 days.